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Leif Lagesen

Accredited Practising Dietitian

Personalised nutrition & health coaching
Health optimisation through data-driven insights 
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You are unique

The human body is the most complex system on the planet, and while general health advice has its place, personalisation is the way of the future.

A personalised and objective approach to health

The current healthcare system is reactive and treatment is largely based only when complications occur. Take control of your own health by using objective testing to understand where you are now and where you need to be for optimal health.  


By using your own metrics you can cut through the noise of health information and personalise a plan that's right for you, including improving any baseline deficiencies. 

Learn about habit science and behaviour change theory, and then get help setting up your health goals and the systems you'll need to prioritise in order to reach them.

Use technology to your advantage by using wearables for instant feedback and added accountability. 

Baseline testing 
Continuous glucose monitoring

Analyse in real-time how your glucose levels respond to food, exercise, stress, and sleep

Lab work 

Baseline and follow up testing on biomarkers that are impacted by lifestyle 

Dexa scans

The gold standard to measure body composition. Use at baseline and follow ups 

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Your physical health, the way you live your life, and what you want to achieve are all unique to you. Your program should be too.


Book an introductory call to discuss your current health goals and what options are available to you on the program




Gather your baseline data by taking a Blood test, DEXA scan and using a continuous glucose monitor (choose one or all three options) 

Use the insights from the data collection and suggestions to tailor your plan. Start working on behaviour change through evidence based strategies

Refine, consolidate, and adjust your health goals where necessary. Take additional tests to compare to baseline (optional)

Solutions to improve baselines

A personalised service that goes beyond what you'll get from a typical session with a Dietitian, Nutritionist, or Health Coach : 

Personalised Nutrition

You're unique and your nutrition plan should be too. Go beyond general advice and optimise your eating habits.


Advice on supplemetation if clinically indicated 

Activity & sleep tracking

Track your exercise and sleep data to gain valuable insights on where you're doing well and where you can improve

Person Centred

This is about you! Get help finding strategies that will work within your lifestyle

Virtual consultations 
Between session support

Virtual sessions available for convenience when you need it

Between session support via safe and secure messaging

Evidence based

Using science to cut through the noise so you can make the best decisions for your health

Non-Judgemental guidance

Everyone is unique and has different challenges. Go at your own pace and get  support when you need it  

Specialising in

Health Optimisation 

Optimise your health by taking advantage of baseline blood testing, dexa scans and continous glucose monitoring. Tailor your plan based on results. 

Weight Management 

Start with baseline testing to monitor your body composition and then find the tools and strategies that work for you


Use a CGM to monitor your blood sugar and see how food, exercise, sleep, and stress impacts your glucose in real time. 



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about me.

I'm energised by all things preventative health and want to help shift the healthcare system from reactive to proactive. I have supported thousands of people with their health goals and constantly strive to improve my approach to person-centred care. I love all things health tech and believe it’s a critical part of giving everyone the best tools to make it easier to improve their health.


My work experience includes clinical nutrition, health coaching, and designing healthy lifestyle programs for health tech start-ups. 


- Accredited Practising Dietitian (Dietitians Australia) 

- Certified Health Coach (Health Change Australia) 

- Certified Habit Science Practioner (Habit Change Institute) 

- Certified Low Fodmap Dietitian (Monash University) 


- Bachelor Nutrition & Dietetics (Honours) Newcastle University

- Bachelor Sport and Exercise Management (University Technology Sydney)


Sydney, Australia



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