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  • What are your fees and how much do your packages cost?
    Please book a free intro call to find out about services and pricing options. Alternatively, you can email me at
  • What happens to my data?
    Your privacy is important! Any data shared with me will only be used to support you whilst using the service. None of your data that is shared with me will be passed on to any third parties and can be deleted from my end at any time at your request. Please note that some of the third party apps and services used in this program will have their own privacy policy. If you're concerned, please advise on the introductory call and we can discuss the most appropriate options.
  • What is a CGM?
    A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) is a tiny, minimally-invasive device that is attached to the arm and delivers ongoing and instantaneous glucose readings. With the help of continuous glucose monitoring, one can get a clear understanding of how their blood sugar changes during the day. This data can be used to analyse distinct patterns and trends that result from food intake, stress, exercise, sleeping habits, and other daily activities. CGMs can have non-medical uses as part of a healthy lifestyle that can help you reach your wellness goals, no matter what they may be.
  • What is a DEXA scan?
    Dexa scans are one of the most advanced body composition analysis tools available today. These scans are used to measure body fat percentage, muscle mass, and bone density. They’re especially useful for anyone trying to understand more about their body composition. A Dexa scan is a quick and non-invasive procedure. All it takes is a few minutes for the technician to measure your body composition using a special type of X-ray. The results are then displayed on a computer screen, giving you a detailed breakdown of your body composition. Dexa scans can also be used to monitor progress over time. By tracking your body composition, you can see how your diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes affect your body. It’s a great tool for anyone looking to get a better understanding of their body and make sure they’re achieving their goals with objective data.
  • Where do I get my blood testing and DEXA scans done?
    Third parties will perform blood tests and Dexa scans at this stage. I can refer you to a location that is convenient for you, or you can choose a testing facility of your own.
  • Who interprets my baseline and follow up tests?
    It is important that I stay within my scope of practice. Blood tests are encouraged at baseline so we can discuss any factors that can be improved by your lifestyle. If at any time your blood chemistry ranges are outside of the recommended, it is important that you follow up with your GP to discuss further. Dexa scans are an important measure if you want to improve your body composition and bone density. I encourage people to take these scans to be able to identify if their plan is objectively working eg a baseline test and a follow up test at 6-12 months. It is beyond my scope to interpret these results in any way other than a general sense based on the normal ranges identified on your scan. If you need more interpretation of the results, you can schedule an appointment with the clinic that performed the scan.
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